Aboriginal Fine Art Gallery

Paintings by Aboriginal artists from the Western Desert and Central Australian Desert are gradually changing the way Australians perceive themselves, their environment and not least, the original inhabitants of the continent of Australia, the Australian aboriginals.

The desert paintings movement which had its genesis at Papunya in 1971 has given to the Aboriginal people a persuasive and effective means of communicating to the western world the beliefs of their 40,000 years old culture.

Aboriginal Art – Always Re-Inventing Itself…

Aboriginal Art is constantly re-inventing itself and has a stronger presence, diversity and dynamism than ever before. The current art of Indigenous Australia is a powerful and mesmerising art form that continues to unfold. This diverse living art form – the last to impress itself on the international stage – has evolved from the world’s longest continuous art tradition.

It is by no means a static tradition. Over the past 50 years, a plethora of individual artists have been empowered to experiment and forge great modern art forms that are anchored in their origins, yet live in the mainstream and point to the future. The continuum between ancient and modern brings a frisson of spirit resonance into the most daring of contemporary works in any medium.

Aboriginal Art in Sydney Australia

Aboriginal Fine Art Gallery is an online gallery based in Sydney, Australia. We specialise in Fine Quality Indigenous Paintings and Art Works from Remote Desert and Outback Communities Throughout Australia.

Aboriginal art works are constantly updated on our website, make sure to bookmark our site and come back again to see what we have on offer for you…

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